Innovative Gaming Solutions is a training, consulting and auditing company comprised of professional trainers, gaming attorney, CFE, financial analyst, marketing specialist and gaming experts.


We deliver training, consulting, investigation and auditing services that are designed to produce results.  Our most popular training and consulting projects include:

Surveillance Certification with more than 800 students to date. Level 1 classroom training includes covering current scams going on in the industry today by each department and how to detect them. Hands on training session for card counting, basic strategy, and Blackjack scams and how to detect an advantaged player or scam.  Training is successfully completed with testing which will includes counting a deck of cards in 1:15 minutes or less, written test on scams and detection techniques, and evaluating a live game within the training class to detect 2 scams within 10 hands.


MICS, TICS, SICS, this class teaches students how to develop effective and industry leading TICS.  Also available are completed TICS packages, matching Internal audits checklists matching your completed TICS, surveillance audit guides, and monthly schedules to complete your own internal audit saving your property thousands of dollars a year.  Get your TICS done quickly and thoroughly


Operational Evaluations & Audits- We have saved tribes literally millions of dollars in short time frames. We have References available to verify these results upon request.


How do we do it?  Our gaming experts have hands on experience looking at each department in the front and back of the house, to include Operations, Accounting, Surveillance, Marketing, Point of Sales & Gaming Commission. We assist you by identifying the areas in each department that is losing money or missing opportunities to capture revenues. Examples of our efforts include restaurant audits that have had more than $100,000 turn around the first month implementing our recommendations.  Blackjack tables losing more than $1,000,000 a year turned around immediately after the IGS evaluation and training. C-Store evaluations, Marketing, Slot, HR, Bingo, Revenue Audit, Accounting, Players Club are also included in our success record.




See our Upcoming Events page calendar to see where we are next and our Services page for the a complete list of the services and training we offer the gaming industry.